Interested in learning more about overseas missions? We have started a series of booklets called Before You Say Yes. The first is Before You Say Yes: An Introduction to Overseas Missions Service. You'll get a small glimpse into what goes into getting your feet wet in the world of missions life. The Before You Say Yes series is available on Kindle as an ebook. Just download the Kindle app at your App Store. 




Once you read the first installment, you might be interested to know more about long-term service. If this is the case, click here for more information about part two in the series Before You Say Yes: An Introduction to Long-Term Missions Service.








Part three of the Before You Say Yes: An Introduction to Cross-Cultural Church Planting is a first look the complexities of planting. a church in a foreign culture. This is not reading for the faint-of heart! Buckle up if you want to dive into the adventure that is involved in cross-cultural church planting. 

Number four in the Before You Say Yes: An Introduction to Community Outreach in Developing Nations is a brief description of the outreach to the poor in the developing world. If you're someone who loves to help people but doesn't know how or where or what to do, this is a good place to start. 

No Retreat - No Regrets: Destiny Has No Exit Strategy is now available in both paperback and Kindle formats. We wrote this edition to shed some light on what has happened since our last release. We hope you enjoy!


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